Hover Mowers

golfcourse-inset-waterline-1Greenman’s hover mowers are portable and powerful cutting machines designed to provide excellent performance for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications. On the golf course, they are perfectly suited for those uneven and otherwise hard-to-mow surfaces such as around bunkers and waterlines. Our deck and impeller design generate tremendous air-flow to make our mowers extremely maneuverable as they glide over grass surfaces, mulching as they cut.

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19-inch Hover Mower (Maruyama Engine)
Greenman 19" Hover Mower (Maruyama Engine)Powered by the durable and efficient Maruyama CER800U 2-stroke engine, this nimble mower provides unmatched ease of use with minimal noise and vibration.  Easily mow those areas that a standard riding or push-behind mower just can’t reach.

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